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# ./ -o /tmp/ Generating /tmp/ cpio: illegal option — quiet USAGE: cpio -i[bcdfkmrstuv@BSV6] [-C size] [-E file] [-H hdr] [-I file [-M msg]] [-R id] [patterns] cpio -o[acv@ABLV] [-C size] [-H hdr] [-O file [-M msg]] cpio -p[adlmuv@LV] [-R id] directory sia.img.Z: No such file or directory tar: –group: No such file or directory […]

Apparently I need to learn to search better, since I really tried this time. In order to notify our Buildbot of changes in our source repository at Bitbucket, we’ve been manually pulling from Bitbucket to a repo on a development system here.  The local repo had a changegroup hook that utilized the standard buildbot.changes.hgbuildbot hook.  […]

Here on the 5th floor of Wartik, our bathroom (like many bathrooms) has a paper towel dispenser. But it wasn’t always this way – in fact, at one point, we had 3 paper towel dispensers. One of them was part of a large frame that’s recessed into the wall (which might have at one point […]

Apparently Penn State is selling spots in my parking deck to visitors attending some event.  Apparently they sold too many: Eisenhower Deck is currently full! Yellow F permits are valid in the East Deck for today January 12, 2009. Of course, I pay $35/mo to park there, so being told they sold my spot to […]