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I recently tuned a few TCP parameters on a Solaris 10 fileserver of mine and I wanted to persist these changes across reboots.  Well, you’re not really supposed to stick this stuff in /etc/system anymore, and so the alternative is to set it on boot.  This being the age of SMF, I looked for an […]

# ./ -o /tmp/ Generating /tmp/ cpio: illegal option — quiet USAGE: cpio -i[bcdfkmrstuv@BSV6] [-C size] [-E file] [-H hdr] [-I file [-M msg]] [-R id] [patterns] cpio -o[acv@ABLV] [-C size] [-H hdr] [-O file [-M msg]] cpio -p[adlmuv@LV] [-R id] directory sia.img.Z: No such file or directory tar: –group: No such file or directory […]