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UPUA budget drafts future projects The White Loop extension received a proposed $23,000 allocation This is the “drunk bus,” the extended hours for the White Loop during prime partying hours.  This was passed with the “we can’t stop students from going out and partying so we need to make sure they can do so safely!” […]



In this continuing series, I criticize the argumentative abilities of Collegian letter writers.  Today’s fruit is rather low-hanging. Allowing guns on campus will not prevent shootings While I understand the right to bear arms, I disagree with allowing guns on campus as a solution to school violence. The chance of a shooting is actually much […]

Global warming alarmists creating unnecessary fear This letter is in response to the April 23 article “Students urged to go green, hug a tree.” Whenever I hear a person shouting “The debate is over” I get suspicious. Usually, this is code for “Everyone who disagrees with me can shut up.” You see, if the debate […]

Entertaining PSU preachers challenge, provoke thought This letter is in response to Margaret Miceli’s April 20 column “Tune-out pesky campus distractions.” Her suggestion has been tried at least 20 times every year since I started preaching at Penn State in 1977. Guess what: It does not work, and for two reasons. The first is that […]

Marriage defined in bible, not by secular governments This is in response to the April 13 letter written by Mike Wrona (“Opposition to gay marriage uses intolerant argument”). I believe Wrona is unclear on what intolerance actually is. Intolerance is not the rejection of something like gay marriage. No, intolerance is the rejection of a […]

The Collegian has been giving the Penn State Atheist Agnostic Association lots of publicity lately, thanks to the community involvement they’ve had over the last couple semesters.  However, a recent article claimed that some residents of Penn State’s Pasquerilla Spiritual Center were upset about the PSAAA holding an office in that building.  Quite humorously, a […]

Hooray, the Collegian (mostly) published my letter about their “paranormal” series of articles.  It was long and I expected that it’d be edited (if they chose to print it at all).  Sadly, they chose to remove some of my screed on how belief in the paranormal can be harmful.