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It’s been a while since I last had a look at who offers a manual transmission wagon.  I used MSN Autos since it has a fairly easy interface to perform this check with, and just ran down the list of whatever they called a wagon, and have provided ample commentary.  So here are the wagons of […]

No static DNS?


I just got a hand-me-down Linksys WRT54GC to replace my failing WAP. Since it has a router it also replaces my trusty Linksys BEFSR41. However, I’ve just learned that the much newer router lacks the ability to set static DNS servers for your local clients, a feature which was available on the much older one. […]

I recently tuned a few TCP parameters on a Solaris 10 fileserver of mine and I wanted to persist these changes across reboots.  Well, you’re not really supposed to stick this stuff in /etc/system anymore, and so the alternative is to set it on boot.  This being the age of SMF, I looked for an […]

# ./ -o /tmp/ Generating /tmp/ cpio: illegal option — quiet USAGE: cpio -i[bcdfkmrstuv@BSV6] [-C size] [-E file] [-H hdr] [-I file [-M msg]] [-R id] [patterns] cpio -o[acv@ABLV] [-C size] [-H hdr] [-O file [-M msg]] cpio -p[adlmuv@LV] [-R id] directory sia.img.Z: No such file or directory tar: –group: No such file or directory […]

My boss recently suggested that he’d like me to be more available on the road and out of town. I frequently travel to places with no net connection, and this was proving to be a problem when we had sysadmin issues at work. To that end, he agreed to buy me a netbook with a […]

Apparently I need to learn to search better, since I really tried this time. In order to notify our Buildbot of changes in our source repository at Bitbucket, we’ve been manually pulling from Bitbucket to a repo on a development system here.  The local repo had a changegroup hook that utilized the standard buildbot.changes.hgbuildbot hook.  […]

UPUA budget drafts future projects The White Loop extension received a proposed $23,000 allocation This is the “drunk bus,” the extended hours for the White Loop during prime partying hours.  This was passed with the “we can’t stop students from going out and partying so we need to make sure they can do so safely!” […]