We used to have this great site called that provided public access to the region’s MLS.  So I could easily search for real estate listings from wherever I wanted, with no pressure.  Seems like a nice modern resource for the public, right?  But go visit it now.  What happened?  The greedy scum-sucking realtors decided to take it down, that’s what.  And now how do I find out what’s for sale?  That’s right… I call up my friendly neighborhood Realtor(tm).

I already had a pretty low opinion of realtors.  This is just another nail.


One Response to “Realtors”

  1. 1 xandiprice is a huge piece of shit also. when i type in that i want a property with 200 acres and it comes back with .1 acre, it makes me want to stab myself in the face.

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