Paper Towel Dispensers


Here on the 5th floor of Wartik, our bathroom (like many bathrooms) has a paper towel dispenser. But it wasn’t always this way – in fact, at one point, we had 3 paper towel dispensers. One of them was part of a large frame that’s recessed into the wall (which might have at one point additionally housed a trash can). The second was a standard wall mount type. These two served well for a long time, but then without warning, a third appeared, almost exactly like the second.

My confusion over this situation was soon resolved when both of the original dispensers were subsequently removed (in the case of the first unit, leaving behind a useless large recessed metal frame). Interestingly, the new unit was purchased from Kimberly-Clark, a company who has donated quite generously to the University in the past.

This third dispenser (our only remaining one) is currently broken, the gears are stripped and you have to apply pressure to the front of the unit to make it dispense towels. So in this act of corporate back-scratching, we’re stuck with a broken product that replaced two perfectly functioning products.  I love it.


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