What a humble guy


Entertaining PSU preachers challenge, provoke thought

This letter is in response to Margaret Miceli’s April 20 column “Tune-out pesky campus distractions.”

Her suggestion has been tried at least 20 times every year since I started preaching at Penn State in 1977. Guess what: It does not work, and for two reasons. The first is that we preach because God told us to, so even if we preach to the bricks and squirrels, we still will preach.

Ths second reason is that we are the most interesting thing on a dull, boring campus. I know it; everybody knows it.

When I come onto a campus the second time (I’m at Mizzou today), I hear the comments. “Are they coming back?” “Where is that ‘Santa Christ guy?’ ” “Hey the preachers are back”.

Last week, when Cindy Smock began to preach here at Mizzou, those standing around cheered and came over and sat down.

People come to listen because we challenge them. We make them think. We employ passion in a bland and passionless existence. In campus preaching, going back to the sixties, preachers have always out drawn any other cause.

California preacher Holy Hubert Lindsey used to consistently out draw activist Mario Savio’s crowd during the student uprising of the ’60s on Berkeley in California. He would steal their crowds, and they would retaliate by beating him up. He was beat so many times by the “progressive” that he eventually went blind, and his wife went insane.

We preachers have always been the best entertainment in town.

Clarence “Bro” Cope

The Original Willard Preacher


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