Occasionally, I need help with an especially tricky problem I encounter at work. Most open source software projects have IRC channels and these can be a good resource for answering difficult questions.

It seems as though whenever I drop in and ask a question, I’m almost always ignored, while the helpful people there answer other people’s questions. I generally don’t even get an acknowledgment that I exist at all. I follow proper etiquette and am not pushy or scrolly or otherwise annoying, and I ask my question clearly.

I can think of two possible reasons:

By the time I get to asking people questions, I’ve exhausted my own abilities, RTFMing, Googling, and pretty much everything else I can possibly try. I don’t like to take up people’s time with problems I can solve myself, and I’ve got enough experience that I don’t need help with the easier stuff. So maybe my questions are a little tougher than average, and maybe the people who happen to be paying attention in channel just don’t know the answer.

Or, everyone hates me and thinks I’m a dick.

Who knows, but it’s really annoying.


4 Responses to “Ignored”

  1. 1 Tom

    It’s you. Dick.

    I hate you.

  2. 2 natefoo

    I figured as much.

  3. 3 cjh

    a combination of spite and the fact that you’re a dick…..

  4. 4 natefoo

    Least I’m in good company wit youz guys.

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