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Global warming alarmists creating unnecessary fear This letter is in response to the April 23 article “Students urged to go green, hug a tree.” Whenever I hear a person shouting “The debate is over” I get suspicious. Usually, this is code for “Everyone who disagrees with me can shut up.” You see, if the debate […]

Entertaining PSU preachers challenge, provoke thought This letter is in response to Margaret Miceli’s April 20 column “Tune-out pesky campus distractions.” Her suggestion has been tried at least 20 times every year since I started preaching at Penn State in 1977. Guess what: It does not work, and for two reasons. The first is that […]

Marriage defined in bible, not by secular governments This is in response to the April 13 letter written by Mike Wrona (“Opposition to gay marriage uses intolerant argument”). I believe Wrona is unclear on what intolerance actually is. Intolerance is not the rejection of something like gay marriage. No, intolerance is the rejection of a […]



Occasionally, I need help with an especially tricky problem I encounter at work. Most open source software projects have IRC channels and these can be a good resource for answering difficult questions. It seems as though whenever I drop in and ask a question, I’m almost always ignored, while the helpful people there answer other […]

Ben Folds has an upcoming album that will be entirely A Cappella, and mostly by college groups (Ben himself will sing two of the 16 tracks). The winning submissions from the contest are intensely awesome.  The video is a playlist, so you can listen to all 18 of the original finalists.