Parking annoyances


Apparently Penn State is selling spots in my parking deck to visitors attending some event.  Apparently they sold too many:

Eisenhower Deck is currently full! Yellow F permits are valid in the East Deck for today January 12, 2009.

Of course, I pay $35/mo to park there, so being told they sold my spot to someone else and I’ll have to park a block away from my deck (which is already a block away from my office) is kinda shitty.


4 Responses to “Parking annoyances”

  1. 1 Derek Morr

    Agreed. I also love that they sent out the email at 11:30. When I got to work at 10, it was already full. It took me 15 minutes of driving all through the deck before I finally found one space that I could barely fit into.

    With the reserved spaces for the ITS vans, police services, the new student health building, and the roof frequently closed, Eisenhower deck is frequently annoying to park in.

    I’d love to do the ride for 5 option, but the bus doesn’t run quite frequently enough through Houserville, and only getting 5 day passes is kinda steep.

    • 2 natefoo

      I too was amused by the idea of finding out where to park after you’re already at work. I wonder how many people who park in the deck actually check their mail before they come in.

      I figured you’d appreciate that the roof is closed – it’s more environmentally friendly to not plow and salt the roof when deck usage is low. It’s not as if anyone parks up there unless absolutely necessary.

  2. 3 Derek Morr

    Well, is it really, if people have to spend more fuel driving in circles around the deck looking for an open spot?

  3. 4 natefoo

    It is as long as use of the roof is not necessary (e.g. “when deck usage is low”).

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