Responding to PZ’s hate mail: Round 3


Round 2.

Oh my.  This one is long and nasty.  I shall do my best not to respond in kind.

I read about the recent attacks on Christianity from your department. I am referring to the trouble that was made over the Creation Museum in Kentucky and their joint venture with the Cincinnati zoo. My only words are : The Cincinnati zoo should let their monkeys go and cage the evolutionists because they act more like monkeys than the real ones.

Ookay, I see we’re going to be off to a good start.  So, what have we done to deserve imprisonment?

This nation is going crazy with left wing attacks on traditional America and the Christian principles on which it was founded (not the revisionist historian separation of church/state myth). The war on Christmas every year, the blatant attacks on Christianity, and all the insane excuses people come up with to attempt to avoid God.

Ah.  This seems to be more of a rant on the perceived de-religification of America than discussing the museum fiasco.  But okay, let’s take it from the top.

Traditional America: the neocon’s bread ‘n butter.  You know, traditions like hushing away teenage mothers in shame to give birth in secret, with nary a thought to their wishes.  Or like only giving white men rights, except when it came to representation in the government – then 3/5 of a state’s black population counted.  Not that a black person could vote, or get a seat with a politician.  Or even be guaranteed freedom.

Yeah, traditional America was great.

But hey, they did get some stuff right.  Like that whole “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” thing.  Is it revisionist of me to read that as indicating that the federal government is not founded on any religious principles?  That in fact, it was founded to be completely irreligious?  Considering that many of the States’ founders came here to escape state-imposed religious persecution in England, you’d think the intent would be pretty clear.  State + Church = Disaster.  The Supreme Court has held up this interpretation time and again.  But they’re a bunch of revisionists anyway, legislating from the bench and all that.

I am pretty up on this whole War on Christmas thing and I gotta say – who are the people (besides Newdow, I guess) waging a war on Christmas?  Are atheist displays in a courthouse alongside Christian displays part of the war?  If so, I refer you to the First Amendment, relevant portions quoted above.  Atheists aren’t out to ruin Christmas.  In fact, Christians have done a good job of secularizing it themselves by demanding that everyone pay homage to it (via the very same War – Christmas 1st, then whatever everyone else celebrates!).

Blatant attacks on Christianity?  Care to cite that?  For my part, I’m pretty familiar with the outrage Christians regularly seem to experience when atheists go so far as to try to meet other atheists.

As for avoiding God… what can I say except that not everyone believes in your God or any God, and we’re lucky enough to live in a country where everyone has the same rights regardless of their feelings on that subject.

Evolution is the biggest lie Satan has ever told. Have you ever even read about where the idea of “millions of years” come from? It wasn’t entirely Charles Darwin’s idea. He simply used that idea to justify his own personal revelation to discount God.

This is a completely unfounded accusation as to Darwin’s motives with absolutely no citation.  I cannot find any confirmation that Darwin intentionally sought to discount God.  Regardless of this ad hominem argument, the true age of the Earth was not known in Darwin’s time.  The best estimate was at most 400 million years, which is about 4.1 billion too short.

What does this mean respective to the author’s point?  Darwin didn’t have the evidence of the age of the Earth to support his hypothesis.  Why would he support an age of “millions of years” if it disagreed with his hypothesis?

Regardless, none of this is relevant to whether the theory of evolution is correct or not.  Had Darwin chosen the age of the Earth purely out of spite for God, if he had chosen 4.5 billion years, he still would’ve been right.

In other words, the only way his idea of evolution (it is not a theory because it is not testable in a lab environment) would work is if there was an massive expanse of time for it to happen in.

Not testable?  What about the people doing lab tests demonstrating evolution (Blount, Borland, Lenski, 2008)?  Yet again, a completely untrue assertion.

Up until Darwin and a few others before him the idea of an old earth was ridiculous – and don’t call me a flat earther because that term in itself is incorrect. Even the prophet Isaiah knew that the earth was round. (Read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science)

With modern dating techniques we are able to accurately determine the Earth’s age.  These techniques (and the existence of radiation) were not known in Darwin’s time.  Regardless, what the age of the Earth was believed to be then is irrelevant to the veracity of evolution now.

Isaiah referred to a circular Earth, not a spherical one, which was consistent with the belief at the time.

Plainly, these attacks on normal people such has been instigated in this case is downright silly and totally uncalled for. It is amazing that ultra-left wingers believe in nothing, yet support a ‘separation of church and state”.

I’m pretty sure ultra-left wingers believe in plenty.  Unless you meant religion, in which case many of them are religious too.  Back before the neocons came to power, one could believe in God and be of any political persuasion.  Sadly, times have changed.

I’m not clear on how atheism and support of separation of church and state are mutually exclusive.

I too believe in this. I believe that the state, including university professors, should stay out of the church’s business. Liberals complain about creationism being taught in school. Well, you know what, we do not want evolution taught in our churches and if we want to build a museum dedicated to the creator, then that’s our right and our business. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. It’s as simple as that.

Who’s advocating that the government be involved in churches, besides President Bush and his Faith-Based Initiative program?  Where in the universe has anyone advocated teaching evolution in churches?  This is a ridiculous straw man.

As to university professors, in what way was PZ interfering in any church’s business?

Evolution is used now as a tool to promote the vulgar and disgusting homosexual movement that has recently become violent. By claiming that evolution is real, the gay community can claim that they were born gay, which is absurd. No one is born gay. it is a psychological problems that stems from early childhood scenarios. Even the APA used to say this until they were pressured by the far left to change history and change science. That’s what they do best.

Even more unfounded accusations.

Vulgar and disgusting?  I think you are, but I don’t try to restrict your rights.  I don’t even open my mouth unless you open yours and spew out such hatred.

Research on what makes someone homosexual or heterosexual is still fairly inconclusive (Skatje recently wrote a very thorough essay on this subject) but it’s safe to say that your proclamation that being born gay is absurd is, itself, absurd.  If you want to make this sort of claim, where’s the proof?  Every homosexual man and woman on Earth is gay because of “early childhood scenarios?”  If you know that, you are psychic and should go steal Randi’s Million before it’s too late.

And I come back to my old friend: Regardless.  Regardless, let’s say that a person DOES choose to be gay.  Explain to me how that affects your life?  You can still teach your children that being gay is a vulgar and disgusting abomination.  You don’t have the right to force the rest of the world to conform to your religious-based world view.  Remember that 1st amendment?

The APA has changed lots of diagnoses over the years.  That’s how science works.

I wish I could get a job teaching at a University, but I am not qualified. I am not a terrorist (BillAyers) and do not worship the environment(global warming nuts), do not seek monkeys as my creator (evolutionists) and do not brainwash other people (Marxists). I suppose I am disqualified from teaching. Maybe someday, America will wake up and fire every hippy liberal brainwashed professor and hire real teachers who teach the truth rather than a mock version of reality. How did that terrorist Bill Ayers not get executed for treason in the 1960s anyway? It is amazing that a man of his sickening stature could get a job teaching.

Don’t get sidetracked on a rant here or anything…

Thank you ACLU! (Allied Communist Lickers Union). You have destroyed America.

Yeah, defending our constitutional freedoms is totally lame.

Maybe someday there will be an uprising and real Americans can take back this country from the slaves of deceit and aggressors who seek the destruction of their own well-being.

Didn’t that just happen on Nov. 4?

I guess all that dope in the 1960s just hasn’t worn completely off yet. Maybe one day America will wake up after the 60s generation is dead and gone and realize that we need to reclaim America again.

Until then, happy monkey! (or what ever non Christmas evolution people say)

P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (It’s about calling it what it is!)

Merry Christmas to you too.

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Down with intellectualism.


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  1. 1 Ed

    Nicely written! Thanks for taking the time and effort. It had some very good sources also.

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