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Apparently Penn State is selling spots in my parking deck to visitors attending some event.  Apparently they sold too many: Eisenhower Deck is currently full! Yellow F permits are valid in the East Deck for today January 12, 2009. Of course, I pay $35/mo to park there, so being told they sold my spot to […]

Gone. =( Hopefully someone continues to add them to TPB or other trackers.  We American rally fans have no other way to feed the need… EDIT: Found another site which would likely have ’em (, but it’s currently invite-only.



The ideas… and the comments…  It’s like the white people from Stuff White People Like have found a perfect home:

Round 2. Oh my.  This one is long and nasty.  I shall do my best not to respond in kind. I read about the recent attacks on Christianity from your department. I am referring to the trouble that was made over the Creation Museum in Kentucky and their joint venture with the Cincinnati zoo. My […]

Round 1. On to Round 2: Dear Professor, I am so very sorry that your belief in evolution is so weak, that you have to pressure anyone and everyone who wishes to present the Biblical version of the beginning of life. Again with the demeaning language, which seems to be a common trend.  But let’s […]

Namely PZ‘s.  The latest barrage is over his requesting that the Pharyngulites write the Cincinnati Zoo.  The Zoo was promoting a discounted ticket that would get the purchaser entry in to both the Zoo and the nearby Creation “Museum.”  PZ suggested to his readers that, were they so inclined, it might be appropriate to suggest to the […]