The Collegian and the paranormal


Here’s hoping I get published.  So far I’m 0 for 1.  Original articles one two three four and five.

Although not explicitly stated (at least in the online Collegian), I assume “Member reflects on tech progress” (Oct 28) was the 2nd in the “paranormal phenomena at Penn State” series.  On to the letter:

I hoped to find some criticism of supposed paranormal activity in the final article of the “paranormal phenomena at Penn State” series, only to be disappointed.  In fact in searching the Collegian archives, I see much coverage of The Paranormal Research Society but not a single critical inquiry in to their claims.

Ryan Buell, Salli K and Carla Baron might be interested to learn that a million dollars is theirs for the taking if they can simply prove the existence of the “spirit world” or any other paranormal phenomena.  The James Randi Educational Foundation ( has extended this offer to many who make paranormal claims, yet none have been able to win the prize after being tested under controlled scientific trials.  There remains no scientific proof of the existence of such paranormal activities and plenty of rational, natural explanations for personal experiences assumed to be paranormal.

Although what the PRS and similar groups do may not seem harmful at a glance, the unfortunate truth is that many people’s lives are negatively impacted by those in the paranormal business.  Actions like those of Ms. Baron’s give false hope to people already enduring emotional trauma.  Most psychics do not volunteer their time freely, causing personal and taxpayer financial losses.  Those who cling most fervently to members of the paranormal business may, in desperately hoping to communicate with lost loved ones, bankrupt themselves and destroy relationships with the people around them.

Belief in the paranormal does come with a price, and I’d appreciate it if the Collegian would report on this more objectively.

UPDATE: They printed it.  \o/


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