How many people believe this stuff?


PZ posted an interesting section of his Conservapedia entry and then demolished the lies contained within.  His comments are true, too.  I listened to the KKMS debate way back when and he very clearly gave Simmons the smackdown with respect to the fossil record.

That there are assholes festering in sites like Conservapedia, writing blatant lies is no surprise (although it never ceases to amaze me to see how bereft of integrity and morals all these “moralistic” religious folk are).  What’s most concerning is that there must be some portion of the population who believes this stuff.  For example, a disturbingly large amount of people are not aware of the painfully obvious truth that ID is simply a conspiracy to rebrand creationism to subvert Edwards v. Aguillard.

How many people truly share the Conservapedia mindset, and is that population growing or shrinking?


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