Stupid Shit in the Collegian: Branch Campus Warz


I might make this a feature. I read stupid shit in the Collegian all the time. It’s not usually their fault, though. Most of the time, it’s the letters to the editor. Sometimes, it’s the idiots they get quotes from. Oh, and sometimes it’s their fault.

There has been a war going on lately about whether or not branch campuses should get the same priority as University Park when student season tickets go on sale (currently they do). This is a Big Deal considering season tickets sold out in some ridiculously small amount of time last year.

I’m with the dude who said that the few smart kids who choose to go to branches (most branch students are there because of low grades) should do so with the knowledge that they won’t get as good of a shot at season tickets. I mean seriously… sure, you’re technically a Penn State student, and you even get that nifty Penn State degree when you’re done. But the 4 run-down buildings that make up half the branch campuses don’t really count as Penn State when you’re talking about what makes up The Penn State Experience. For that, you have to be in State College.

Sorry. If you want season tickets in the student section, go to UP.


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